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Who We Are

Formed in January 2000 as the buying platform for four major agricultural co-operatives, the company takes its name from Saturn, the Roman God of Agriculture.

Central Negotiator

The company firmly believes that by acting as a central negotiator the cumulative benefits have more than outweighed those that might have been achieved by any Member company acting individually.

Fostering Relationships

At the same time, it has also welcomed the opportunity to develop relationships with key industry players that can only be to the mutual benefit of manufacturers, suppliers and farmer Members alike.

For Member Benefit

On behalf of its Members, Saturn now represents more than 11,000 farmers who farm in excess of 1.3 million hectares across the UK, negotiates annual purchases of 10% of the UK agchem spend and purchases over 400,000 tonnes of fertiliser.






GBP - Ag Chem Spend


Tonnes of Fertiliser

Our Groups

Take a closer look at the four major agricultural cooperatives that form Saturn.